UK’s Favourite Cat Treat, DREAMIES™ Now Available To The Cats Of South Africa

Get ready to lick your lips cats of South Africa! The No.1 cat treats in the United Kingdom, DREAMIES™, has arrived in South Africa! Expertly crafted by Mars Petcare, trusted makers of the beloved Whiskas cat food range, the tantalising treat cats all over the UK are purring about is set to take the nation by storm as it launches in South Africa.

“Treat time is more than just a ritual; it’s a moment of connection between pets and their owners. The essence of this bond is captured in every pack of DREAMIES™. With a simple shake of the bag, you can ignite a celebration of love and playfulness that makes DREAMIES™ so unique and exciting,” says Verushka Veerasamy, MARS Petcare Portfolio Lead. “All it takes is a shake!”

Fortified with 35 essential nutrients

DREAMIES™ cat treats are compact, bite-sized treats bursting with dual textures tailored to please even the most discerning feline palates. Cats will love the dual textures of DREAMIES™ – deliciously crunchy on the outside while irresistibly soft on the inside, Veerasamy says. And of course, nutrition is a focus. “Our treats go beyond delighting the feline palate. Crafted with real meat, they’re nutritionally balanced, free from added sugars and fortified with 35 essential nutrients including taurine – all at a mere 2kcal per treat. It’s the perfect blend of health and happiness, in a treat!”

Cats can experience the pinnacle of wholesome and satisfying feline indulgence in three delectable 60g flavours – tantalizing salmon, savoury chicken, and mouth-watering cheese – yes, you read that right, cheese! “An unexpected discovery, this flavour has sent feline taste buds into overdrive and now proudly holds the title of our best-selling variant. It’s new, different, and undeniably delicious – who knew cats loved cheese so much!” says Veerasamy. 


DREAMIES™ is the premier cat treat brand in Europe, commanding *75% of the top-selling products and holding the esteemed title of the UK’s #1 Cat Treat. In the rapidly growing pet care sector in South Africa, the cat care segment is thriving, showing a growth rate of **11.8%. The market for cat care and treats specifically, is valued at 30M, expanding at an impressive **21.2%. Whiskas, the leading cat food brand in South Africa produced by Mars, leads the market with a **30% share overall and a whopping **62% specifically within the cat care and treats sector.

Join the global sensation and indulge your cat with the number one cat treat that no cat can resist. “Introducing DREAMIES™ to cat lovers across South Africa is a thrilling moment,” says Veerasamy.  “With DREAMIES™, every shake of the bag is a chance to show your cat just how much they mean to you. Let’s make each shared moment more exciting with DREAMIES™ – the ultimate cat treat experience.”

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