Cat Food

The section of feline cuisine on offer at the Cats of  Cape Town Cat Kiosk is based on poes baie research and a healthy amount of advice and guidance from the top cat food specialists, kitty chow nutritionists and pussy veterinarians in Cape Town.

Made in South Africa using as many Cape Town ingredients as possible, the Cat Kiosk prides itself on being a cats-only marketplace that only allows local vendors who sell locally grown and locally produced meals for cats.

The Cat Kiosk only stocks and sell cat products that are sourced from local ingredients and made and produced within the borders of South Africa.

When faced with hundreds of choices of food, it is easy to get overwhelmed by what cat products you should buy and just grab the cheapest, prettiest, and most expensive cat food available.

Stop pacing around hot porridge like a pussy when it comes to cat food! Take your time and establish the best option of food for your kitty cats.

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