Cat Groomers


When the fur on your kitty’s backside gets scraggly and traps remnants from their litter box visits, you might want to take your cat to a professional groomer. Drastic situations may require shaving instead of brushing. If your cat’s fur is so matted that you can’t get a brush or comb through it, consider consulting a professional pet groomer.

It is important to find a groomer that is experienced and knowledgeable about cats. It is also important to find one that offers the services that you need and that you feel comfortable with. There are only a few cat grooming parlours who offer a variety of services for cats, including grooming, bathing, nail trimming, and hair brushing.


Revolution PLUS for Large Cats

Revolution PLUS for cats not only kills fleas and ticks, but it also prevents heartworms and treats and controls roundworms, hookworms, and ear mites….

Bravecto PLUS Large Cat 500mg

Bravecto Plus for Cats Purple. For cats suffering from, or at risk of, mixed ecto- and endoparasitic infestations. Cat size: 6.25-12.5kg…

Dermoscent SunFREE SPF30+ For Cats

Apply SunFREE SPF30+ on the areas of your cats that need protection before sun exposure. Regularly renew the application (every 2 hours), to guarantee optimal protection.  

Triworm-C Dewormer for Cats (2 Tablets)

A go-to worm remedy against ascarids, hookworms and tapeworm in cats, Triworm-C is safe for old cats and young kittens. Get Triworm-C today to make sure your cat is healthy inside and out. Don’t forget the flea control and tick treatment!…

Frontline Plus for Cats x 3

Frontline Plus for cats is one of the more affordable products for flea and ticks treatment on the market. This fast-working flea and tick treatment was first used by vets before becoming available without a prescription. Frontline Plus for cats vet-approved formula works within 48 hours and kills fleas, ticks and lice in one…

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