Considerations & Concerns

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Cat Litter Type

A final, and important, consideration to make when choosing a cat litter type is whether or not your cat likes it or not. Many cats will refuse to use certain kinds of litter and will instead go outside the litter box. This is not ideal for anyone, so the ultimate factor in deciding what kind of cat litter to purchase may lie with your cat and its preferences.

Be aware of the dangers and critical cat litter safety concerns related to additives and clumping agents. Choosing a safe cat litter that works for your feline companion, yourself, and the environment.

The Inside Scoop On Cat Poop

Litter boxes are necessities for all indoor cats.

If you’re selecting a litter that would be best for your cat, consider unscented and low-dust options first and foremost. Fragranced and dusty litter can be offensive and irritating to cats and leave them more likely to avoid using the litter box or develop health issues.

Of course, you’ll also want to choose a litter that makes the cleaning of the litter box easy, too. Most cat owners prefer clumping litter that makes it easy to scoop cat poop, low-tracking litters that don’t get all over the house, and absorbent litters that help control odours. Price, natural ingredients, weight, and other factors are all important things to consider when choosing a cat litter. Make sure you don’t change litter types too frequently or you may encourage litter box avoidance in your cat.

Useful Litter Box Supplies And Cleaning Tools

Aside from the litter and the box itself, you’ll want to purchase a litter scoop. Some cat owners also like to sprinkle baking soda into the litter to help with odors. A litter-catching mat is another accessory you may want to consider. Spare a thought for Mother Nature by making use of recycled plastic shopping bags to discard the litter in.

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