Biskitty Adds Two New Flavours To Its Line Of Cat Treats

Biskitty has introduced two new flavours to its range of cat treats. 

Indulge your feline’s taste buds with a culinary journey and explore their favourite flavour with Biskitty Chicken Liver and Biskitty Parmesan Cheese.

Biskitty Parmesan Cheese

Do you think your cat likes cheese as much as you do? Is cheese one of your cat’s favourite food flavours? Find out and indulge your kitty cat’s senses with the rich, savoury essence of this latest culinary masterpiece, Biskitty Parmesan Cheese.

Biskitty Chicken Liver

Get ready for your cat to be whisked away on an irresistible journey of flavour ecstasy with Biskitty Chicken Liver cat treats. These hors d’oeuvres for cats are specially crafted with high-quality chicken liver and other premium ingredients to deliver a delicious and nutritious snacking experience.

Biskitty Philosophy

Made in a world-class accredited factory with love, Biskitty Cat Treats are a testament to the brand’s promise and a delight to your cat’s taste buds. The skilled bakers at Biskitty meticulously craft each treat to ensure top-quality products.

Spoil your cat with the finest treats – because at Biskitty create cat treats so nice, that your feline friend will come back twice!

Satisfy your feline royalty with a symphony of irresistible flavours that will leave them purring for more!

Bag Biskitty Chicken Liver and Biskitty Parmesan Cheese from the Cat Kiosk in Cape Town.

Get the two new Biskitty flavours delivered to your door or take advantage of the Grab & Go service on Buitenkant Street and pick up the cat treats curbside for free!

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